Problem with muscles and ligaments


Posted 2008-01-20

I started having coccyx pain a little over 3 years ago. I spent a couple months sitting back in a chair playing computer games all day. Then it started hurting, but I ignored it. Then I started feeling the pain when driving, or sitting on the couch. From there it just got worse. It's a dull pain around the tailbone when sitting, then after a while, the pain starts to move to the bones I sit on, and the back of my legs.

The first treatment I tried was anti-inflammatory pills. They did nothing, except give me tinnitus!! (ringing in the ears that is now a permanent problem for me). Then I had x-rays and a bone scan. Both came back negative. Then I bought a coccyx cushion for my car, but that just made driving a little more tolerable.

I went to a chiropractor, and he tried a weird treatment using an electric current to pull anti-inflammatory drugs through the tailbone area. It did not work.

I then went to a neurosurgeon that my sister works for free of charge. He tried a cortisone injection directly into my tailbone. It helped for about a week. Went back for another, same results. After that he wanted me to have the coccyx removed, but I said no way.

A few months later at Air Force Basic Training, I spent 12 hours a day on my feet with almost no sitting. By the time that was over, I had very little pain in my tailbone. But then in technical training, I spent 7 hours a day sitting in class, which brought the pain right back after a couple weeks.

After returning home, I tried another chiropractor. He took pity on me and gave me a discount since my insurance would not cover it. He said the problem is with the muscle/ligaments, not the actual bone itself. And I completely agree with him. He tried laser light therapy. It felt a little better after a couple weeks, but no major change. Then I could no longer afford to go there.

Just recently, I started dating the daughter of a chiropractor. (how lucky is that?) He took my case free of charge. He also believed the problem was with the muscle/ligaments, and what might have started it was my poor posture (always slouching when sitting). His treatment was a machine called the "Pro-Adjuster" and some massage therapy. That, along with good posture, made a noticeable difference in about a month. But then I stopped dating the girl, so unfortunately my free treatment also stopped, and the pain is back.

Anyone else have this problem or know of a treatment? I can't imagine living like this for the rest of my life.

Update, 2008-01-27

Well, I know it's gross, but I decided to try the manual treatment via the rectum (see Manual treatments), since its something I never tried before, and I had read all the info on here about it. And I did it myself, not by a doctor, so it was kinda difficult. But, it allowed me to discover something...

First, I tried pushing my tailbone outward. It did not move more than a couple millimeters, nor did it hurt. I then attempted to massage the muscles/ligaments (whichever run along the sides the coccyx) The right side did not have any pain, so I went to the left side, and bingo! I felt the exact same pain I felt when pushing on my tailbone from the outside, but it was much worse. The pain is on the left side of the tip of my tailbone and extends out away from the tailbone. I know that particular muscle/ligament has a name but can't remember exactly what it is. I have read somewhere that it is known to sometimes be the cause of coccyx pain and needs to be stretched, so I massaged the area for about 30 seconds then called it quits. After doing that I had a noticeable decrease in pain (it had been bothering me more than usual that day) I am going to continue trying this once a day for the next couple weeks.

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