Pain due to manipulation

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Posted 2008-08-17

I'm a 29-year-old female. My tailbone pain started a year back in Aug 2007. I did not have any accident or trauma it just started mysteriously and I was just not able to sit without a donut pillow. My doc referred me to physical therapy and the physiotherapist applied manual therapy and I was kind of improving but on my 6th visit she mobilized my sacrum and from that day evening I am not able to sit, stand, or walk. My legs became numb and had sciatic pain.

I went to ER and then had an MRI which was negative. Saw two neurologists who could not diagnose anything. I had a pelvic MRI which also was negative and I just managed with bedrest and am still not pain-free. In June 2008, I went to a chiropractor hoping at least he'll be able to help after reading personal experiences on this site. The chiro took x-rays and told me I had a twisted pelvis and SI joint is not aligned properly and he is going to realign it. He loosened my pelvis and told that'll be easy to manipulate and now he tells he doesn't know why the pelvis is loose and the manipulation is not holding in place.

My pain is worse than before. The loose pelvis causes lots of vaginal pain, abdominal pain, tailbone pain, leg pain, pain in the buttocks. The pain management doc gave 2 SI joint injections which was of no use.

My whole life is falling apart. I'm fed up of the painkillers and pain. I just want other sufferers not to believe with the twisted pelvis diagnosis. I hope others will not make a mistake like me. Wish other sufferers a fast recovery.

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