Muscular spasms and constant pain

Margaret -

Posted 2008-11-02

My Son has suffered from constant pain for the last 4 years after falling on his coccyx playing 5 a side football. He has tried every possible avenue to establish the source of the pain and to find relief. He is now at the stage he feels he has to live with the pain forever and has resigned himself to that fate. I just can't accept this.

Like many others on Jon's website my Son has been treated as if he is making the whole thing up! His GP has even commented that "You are obsessed with your back" and treated him as if he was off his head. At 26 years of age he has better things to do with himself that be obsessed with his back.

He has always said that even although the initial injury was to his coccyx his problem seems to be muscular. His back is in spasm from his lower back up to his neck but any MRI's or X rays taken never show any damage to his coccyx. He has tried all treatments, all manner of pain relief medication, cortizone injection, physio, massage, hypnosis, holistic healing, reflexology, acupuncture, ultrasound, bone scan, MRI, X rays etc. One Chiropractor Michael Durtnall, London (see Doctors and specialists in the UK) did comment that his S1 L5 were at a 5% angle caused by referred coccyxdynia which were shown on a coned down Xray. The S1 L5 area is where he feels the pain is centred and the rest of the pain radiates from there. Has anyone else experienced this and had a successful resolution of the problem?

Also has anyone out there suffered these muscular spasms and pain and found someone/something that relieves the pain or were able to establish the reason and a successful remedy?

If you can help or offer advice please email me at

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