Finally no more pain!!!


Posted 2008-03-16


2 years ago I was standing at the edge of a swimming pool when a girl I used to know took hold of my ankles and pulled them from underneath me. I went down with a real thud on the side of the pool and was in absolute agony – fortunately nothing appeared broken it was just very very sore. Over the course of the next year the pain seemed to get worse and worse. Sitting in any type of seat at an angle, planes, theatre, cinema, trains etc caused me such discomfort at the lower part of my back. I finally saw my GP and he recommended I have some cortisone injections which I had…absolutely no joy!!

I carried on for a few months waking up in the morning in agony and when moving left to right sat on the sofa in real pain once I had been sat in the same place for a while so decided to try and osteopath. I went to Kew Osteo's and saw a lady named Jo Wilde who was great but sadly it didn't fix the problem after 6 sessions. Jo recommended an Osteo called Dr Stephen Sandler (see Doctors and specialists in the UK) at the Great Portland Street hospital in London as he used an internal manipulation method that had a 95% success rate but the thought of it sounded awful so I didn't do anything about seeing him.

Two weeks ago the pain was just getting too much and affecting my every day life so I finally decided to bite the bullet and make an appointment with him. I saw him yesterday and as I write this I am still in complete shock. Dr Sandler sent me an email detailing everything that would happen in the appointment which was a good start. I was called into his consulting room and he was very comforting considering how nervous I was. After approx 15 mins he examined me to make sure that it was a coccyx problem and not spinal which it wasn't so he went on to explain the manipulation process that would hopefully fix it.

The procedure took 90 seconds and was uncomfortable but not in the slightest painful. I couldn't actually believe when he said "that's it…up you sit". I swung my legs back over the bed and sat upright and he asked me to rock backwards and forwards…….well I knew it wouldn't hurt going forwards, it was going backwards that I knew was about to send me through the roof… my complete astonishment I felt absolutely nothing….I rocked left to right and again absolutely nothing….I looked at him with my jaw dropped and he had a big smile on his face…I then looked at my mum (who I had taken for moral support) and burst into tears….he then told me to stand up and sit in the middle of the floor which I did ( I could never ever sit on the floor without pain shooting through me) and nothing…..sat on the edge of his desk….nothing!! I swear to god it was like an absolute miracle had been performed (no I'm not religious) as I could not grasp for one second that such a pain free quick simple procedure could transform me into a 'normal human being' with no pain having suffered for so long.

Once my mum and I had finally stopped crying with joy he told me that I needed to take it easy for the next 7 days but he was delighted it had been fixed. As I left his consulting room (having hugged and thanked him again) I sat on a chair in the waiting room where I had been no less than an hour before in pain and again felt nothing. I then got the tube back to waterloo and was able to sit normally on the seat without leaning on my left side or sitting forwards with still no pain.

I still cannot believe I have lived with that pain for 2 years when there was such a simple procedure out there as a cure. I want everybody with any coccyx pain to read this and make an appointment to see him or someone that performs this procedure as I cannot stress enough the relief and smile Dr Sandler has done to me.

It cost £90.00 and I can honestly say there is absolutely nothing in this world that I have spent 90 quid on more worthy than this. My dad slipped a disk in his back 15 years ago and he was convinced that it was going to be £90 down the drain – he too cannot believe this was all it took to fix.

I hope that anybody that reads this who has suffered with a coccyx problem really does something about it as you no longer have to suffer – unless you really are the unlucky 5% that it doesn't work on.

Good luck.



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