Living with it for 17 years

Ellen -

Posted 2008-02-10

I fell on my tailbone while skiing in 1991. When I got on the next ski lift I almost fell out of the chair, I was in so much pain. I didn't go to a doctor because I thought it would go away eventually. I was a big runner at that time and stopped running for about 3 months, bought a donut cushion and waited. It got a little better, but I finally went to a doctor and he said my tailbone looked fine. I went to a chiropractor and he said that it was in my mind, because the skiing accident had been so traumatic, so I should visualize the accident not happening. That didn't work.

Finally I gave up on doctors and just lived with it. In 1999 I started going to yoga and that has made it tolerable. The main problem, now that I'm used to the chronic pain, is that I can't do anything aerobic because it causes swelling afterwards for several days. Finally decided to go back to a new doctor and he is suggesting physical therapy, along with 6 Aleve a day. It sounds like from what I've read on your site that PT doesn't do any good and might make things worse. It is amazing to see so many people with this problem!


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