Back to work after surgery

Andrea -

Posted 2008-06-29

I had my tailbone surgery in May after 6 months of trying to even get a surgeon to even talk to me. I ended up seeing the Chief Orthopedic Surgeon who advised this surgery was quite simple. I have to say it was the best thing I could have ever done. My tailbone was broken in 3 places and the doctor said it was worth having it done.

Some thing I STRONGLY suggest you get prior to the surgery are: Raised toilet seat.... Stool Softeners.... and a Kneeling Chair if you work at a desk and need to sit for long periods of time. The seat really helps and your bowel movements need to be really soft in order to keep the stitching together so the stool softeners help.

Today is June 27th and I am back to work with the Kneeling chair. I am only working 8 hr days and I have to say it is tough. The doctor told me it would take 6 to 8 weeks of recovery and I truly believe it does. So if you are thinking of having this surgery, be prepared to need that much time recover. It's the sitting that makes it difficult. I am standing most of my shift. Driving is also a little difficult, but I was given a temporary handicap placard to make the walking a bit easier.

If you need a referral I saw Dr. Bains @ Kaiser Hospital in Oakland, California (see Doctors and specialists in the USA.)

If you have any questions or want more detail on the surgery or recovery please feel free to e-mail me @ I am happy to answer. Thank God for this website. It helped me a lot in preparing for this unusual surgery


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