Options are more injections, physiotherapy or surgery

Deirdre - deirdre_hand@yahoo.com

Posted 2008-05-18


I haven't been to the cinema since September 2007 and I am now faced with the decision of whether I want to have my coxxyx out or not.

About 3 and a half years ago I fell off an overhang on a climbing wall straight onto my bottom. It wasn't very high up so there were no ropes but crash mats to break the fall. I only fell about a metre and a half but the mat I landed on was ancient so I basically hit the ground with full force. I felt the pain rapidly zigzag all the way up my spine and over my head into my face. I was really dazed but I got up walked home, went to work and for a couple of years I lived life like a normal adult, pain free and when I did feel a twinge, I assumed it was because I'd had made some kind of a funny move.

In February 2007, I hit a pothole on a very old bicycle and gradually began to feel some discomfort when sitting. I thought maybe I had bruised my coxxyx and since I know these things take a long time to heal it wasn't until the pain became much worse before I saw a doctor about it. When I did eventually speak to a GP (May 2007), he gave me five days worth of nurofen and sent me home. I didn't have any x-rays until August that year, by which time I could no longer sit for any length of time.

Since then, I've had more x-rays and an MRI scan, four osteopathic manipulations, my hips realigned (I had been sitting off to one side so much I had made myself lopsided), an injection around my coxxyx which was very painful for a week and didn't have much effect, mesotherapie (I live in France) and acupuncture, both of which gave me great relief but only for a short time.

I can now sit for 20 minutes in slight discomfort on a coxxyx cushion after which I am in serious pain which doesn't go away for ages but I have no pain moving from sitting to standing. My options are more injections, physiotherapy or surgery. I really want this to go away, but opinions are divided on treatment and no one person seems to have the answer.

I hope to be one of the people who updates with a tale of success. I hope we all are.


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