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Sam -

Posted 2008-01-13


I'm 23 years old from England. I had been suffering from a varying degree of tail bone pain for around 5-6 months before finally admitting it wasn't going to fix itself. Sitting down or lying down was frequently uncomfortable and sometimes outright painful towards the very bottom of the coccyx.

My theory is a bad seat at the office started it all off. I know this is a minor issue compared to some of the other stories on this website. So perhaps this is a minor solution.

Yesterday I went to see an osteopath about it and she very quickly found the problem. She suggested it wasn't the actual coccyx itself causing the trouble but there was pressure slightly further up the base of the spine. I will find out the correct technical/professional term and update this post accordingly. Anyway, she spent around 20 minutes working me over, putting me into various positions on my sides and front and applying (considerable!) pressure to correct the problem. At the end of the treatment I was very happy to discover I could sit down again without that awful nagging pain. I have to go back next week for one more session, and already I feel that I'm about 99% fixed.

I thought I would take the time to write this personal, as I know how miserable coccyx pain can make you. Hopefully sharing this little personal may help others to treat their (similar) condition. And if I can help just one person then it'll have been worthwhile.

For anybody in the North West of England (Cheshire), I can wholeheartedly recommend the Weaver Clinic. Pat is who I saw.

Wishing all readers a happy 2008,


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