Thank you, Dr. Zail!


Posted 2008-09-21

I hurt myself while hiking down a steep gorge, falling on a very slick rock. I immediately had to lie down for a long time, and started blacking out. Luckily, I was hiking with somebody else -- who very patiently led me (crawling on hands and knees, mostly) out of the canyon. I was very befuddled, and it was incredibly hard to get myself out of there. Luckily I got myself down the mountain and went straight to a friend's house that night -- a friend who had previously experienced a tailbone injury and had her own success story to tell -- and had a doughnut cushion to loan me.

It took me a couple of weeks to get an x-ray and start calling chiropractors -- it was very much broken, and a woman chiropractor began doing frequent internal manipulations on me. Unfortunately, it would mostly just go back into place afterwards, and I would have days more to wait until my next appointment. I was trying to drive minimally during this time, but really I wasn't being wise about the whole thing. This went on for a few weeks and I was seeing some improvement (not too much) -- when I had to go commercial fishing in Alaska.

The plane ride to Alaska was horrible -- plane seats are bad news for this. It seemed to go ALL the way out again, and was just as painful as ever. I found a chiropractor in Fairbanks, then I went fishing with it out of place. It was a daily struggle for two weeks, until the captain convinced me to get an x-ray again -- and she and that chiropractor told me to take better care of myself and get wherever I needed to go for proper care. By this time I'd had the injury for almost 2 months. It was keeping me from my regular practice of seated meditation, and making daily life both embarrassing and difficult.

The only doctor in the western states who would call me back during that week was Dr. Zail Khalsa (see Doctors and specialists in the USA). He immediately had some good insights and was very friendly. A friend of mine offered to drive me the 15 hours to Los Angeles, so that I could work with Dr. Zail. I laid down in the back of my station wagon the whole way! She and I stayed in L.A. for a week, and I was able to visit with Dr. Khalsa often twice a day.

He was very intuitive with my body's conditions. He immediately linked the tailbone injury to ongoing problems with my spine and neck, and even to deep childhood issues including sexual abuse issues.

The sexual abuse history made my ability to trust a male doctor (doing internal manipulations of the coccyx) very hard, but we were able to work things out, talk things out. I was having very intense PTSD symptoms on the table, but Dr. Khalsa handled all of it very well -- and even talked about the benefits of the emotional release.

The actual manipulations were often very painful -- but I immediately found relief for the tailbone issue, plus relief in my neck and spine and back -- and a new way of thinking of my posture and heart/lungs/body history. I saw him for 5 or 6 days, and then I left L.A.-- I took it easy for a week, but was immediately able to sit down on hard surfaces again.

Now, 4 months after the original injury, I think I learned a lot -- and I'm biking and meditating again with only mild discomfort once in a great while. I have faith, actually, that if I was able to go back to Dr. Khalsa for more adjustments, that even the mild coccyx discomforts would go away completely.

I definitely recommend his work and technique, even if you need to travel quite far to see him. It was worth it. He let me come to his home when it was necessary, and worked over the phone with a chiropractor in my hometown to understand my problem and even to train that other chiropractor in his own technique, for the sake of my healing. Needless to say, that hometown chiropractor was also very impressed with him, and learned a great deal from the whole experience.

You'll find other hearty recommendations for him on this website, and with good reason. Thank you, Dr. Zail!

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