Tailbone and 2/3 of sacrum removed


Posted 2008-06-01

I had my tailbone and 2/3 of my sacrum removed three weeks ago. I had chordoma which is cancer of the sacrum. The six months preceding surgery were extremely painful because of the large tumor. After 6 hours of surgery, three days later I walked the steps at the hospital without assistance and I have been pain free since the surgery. The only biological function that is recovering (and my urologists said it clearly will recover), is my sphincter muscle in the bladder as it is not releasing due to trauma on the nerve. All other functions are working properly and my recovery has been miraculous as much prayer to the Lord Jesus was given preceding my ordeal.

I only used pain meds the first three days after surgery and then realized I didn't need them. I walk several miles every day to strengthen and speed up my recovery and all margins around the tumor are cancer free. I feel great!


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