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Hussain Nazeer Kizhakkedathu -

Posted 2008-08-24

I am writing this to share my experience with tail bone pain and the wonderful treatment I received from Dr. Patrick Foye, who is the Director of the Coccyx Pain Service in his department at New Jersey Medical School, within UMDNJ (which is the largest public health care university in the United States).

In June I started experiencing pain in my tail bone and when it reached a point where I thought this is not my normal back pain, I visited an Orthopedic group doctor in Elizabeth, NJ. As usual first he suggested physiotherapy, which I didn't do , since by that time my pain was so much that I wanted an immediate solution. The MRI ( even though doctor suggested taking MRI of Pelvic region including tail bone, the MRI technician included only parts of tail bone. Some how not many people understands that the tail bone can cause such a big pain). The doctor concluded that something is wrong between my L4-L5 and wanted me to take steroid injection there. I had doubts that when my pain is very clearly in my tail bone how is this injection between L4 and L5 is going to solve the problem. The doctors didn't seem to have understood my problem.

That's when I did a google (one of the best things I did in my life) and found Dr. Foye's web site (see Doctors and specialists in the USA). He had lot of information and while going through his website I felt like he is talking just about my pain. So before taking the steroid injection between L4-L5, I decided to visit Dr. Foye for his expert advice.

Since Dr. Foye uses modern day technologies like email and internet, I was able to get my registration forms via email, and fill them up even before going to his office. I reached his office by 8.30. One of his associates, whose name I am not able to remember, asked me various questions and did preliminary tests to conclude that what I have is really tail bone pain and nothing else. After this exam and questions, I felt very comfortable since most of the questions and his observations made sense to me. Then he showed me a lecture video by Dr. Foye explaining the tail bone pain and its various treatment options. Again in the Video I felt like he is talking just about my problem. All the symptoms matched mine exactly.

After a detailed examination Dr. Foye suggested taking an X ray in a sitting positions. His theory was that if the pain is more in a sitting position then the X-ray in a sitting position will explain what is wrong with my tail bone. The X ray department in UMDNJ is great and they are specially trained to get X rays in sitting positions. Once Dr. Foye examine the X rays in sitting positions he explained to me that my tail bone has swelling between its member bones as well as it bends more than normal when I sit, which is causing the pain.

He also explained that there are many treatment options including an Steroid injection in the tail bone where the swelling is there as well as Ganglion Impar injections etc. He also explained me that in my case we should try the steroid injection first and only if the pain doesn't go away we should try other options. Also he explained that it may take about 2 weeks for the injection to start working.

Same day by noon, I was given the steroid injection ( Note that they use a special instrument so that the medicine is applied at the exact location where the swelling is) and by about 2 PM I went home. What surprised me was that within an hour I received a PDF file from Dr. Foye explaining all my conditions and what treatment was done. I have never seen such a follow-up from any other doctor ever.

After 1 week my pain came down 50% and I wrote to Dr. Foye about this. He was very happy that the injection is working. And after the end of 2nd week my pain went down 90%. Dr. Foye also suggested using a wedge cushion so that my tail bone wont be touching the seat when I sit ( I work as a computer professional, so my work involves long hours of sitting). I got one of these cushions for $15 from Amazon and its working out great.

Once again I am posting this experience so that this will be helpful for some other patients having the similar issues. After going through the tail bone pain I understand that this is very very uncomfortable and painful experience.

I have no words to express my gratitude to Dr. Foye and all his team members at his office.

Hussain Nazeer Kizhakkedathu

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