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Síle -

Posted 2008-03-16

Hi all,

I too have damaged my tailbone, but I think it may have had a joint cause. Falling on snow a number of years ago was exacerbated some years later by missing a step on the stairs of my house. I have been living with this pain for over 3 years and I have tried everything. I've been checked for cancer, endometriosis, bowel problems and had all sorts of medical tests including racz procedure, mri, x-rays, lyrica etc. I went for physio yesterday when all else failed and they told me I may have this for the rest of my life. I am only 30 now, so I am very upset at this point. Up till now I have consciously tried not to let it become me but for the first time after a hospital appointment I have felt depressed into the following day after a hospital visit. I don't want this to become what I am about or become depressed, there is so much more to me than chronic pain. I'm not overly religious but at this point I am considering a trip to Lourdes in October, it may be comforting if nothing else.

I have two coccyx cushions and a soft scarf that I use to help me. Also I have changed my car to a Toyota Corolla, and I can really recommend this car to anybody. It has made my daily commute much easier.

This site is wonderful for people like me and all of you others suffering this terrible pain. I have asked many of my doctors if I could be making the pain up because it was not responding to anything, and have been told emphatically every time that I couldn't make it up. So it's great to see that there are others like me out there.

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