I didn't hurt my tailbone!

Claire - clairehill1@yahoo.co.uk

Posted 2008-03-09

I didn't do anything to my tailbone, one day it just decided to hurt! I am 24, and have been in pain for 9 months now, and am getting more and more worried that it won't heal in time for my wedding (and flying for my honeymoon!), which is 9 months from today. It's starting to really get me down now, I'm in a lot of pain and can't see an end to it.

I have been bugging various GP's in my area (North Cumbria, England) and have finally found one that takes me seriously (after being pretty much ignored by 4 others who had no idea how to treat it, and all suggested doughnut cushions which obviously don't keep the coccyx elevated!).

I had an x-ray which showed nothing wrong with my coccyx, just the pain. I have already had an unsuccessful cortisone injection, and he has now referred me to physiotherapy, I think he was hinting that ultrasound might help, I will wait and see! Has anyone else had ultrasound treatment, and did it do any good?

I am sitting on cushions that keep me elevated off my seat everywhere, but I would love to be able to sit up on a sofa like a normal person!

Update, 2008-07-20

Well, my coccyx pain is a whole year old tomorrow (Wednesday 9th July), I think I might buy myself a birthday cake....! Hey, I need something to cheer me up!

The last time I posted a comment, I had just been referred to physiotherapy. The physio noticed that one side of my pelvis is slightly tilted, however didn't attempt to look into this any further or try to treat it in any way, assuming that it wasn't what was causing the pain. She told me that I have probably pulled some muscles in tailbone area, and that is what is causing the pain, not the coccyx itself (as I have no recollection of hurting myself in any way). She then recommended I try acupuncture and laser treatment once a week. I gotta say, this definitely did work for a day or so afterwards, as the pain was still there but not as bad. The more treatments I had, the better I felt, (still painful, but not as much as before) and my physio took this as a sign that the healing process had started and took me off her books. She assured me, that we had gone as far as we could with this course of treatment, and it would now gradually get better and better. Well, that lasted a whole, oh, say a week. The pain returned just as bad as before, and I am back exactly where I started! I still don't know exactly what is wrong with me in the first place!

I have now returned to annoy my poor GP, who if I'm honest has no idea at all as to how to treat me, but is at least willing to try! I went to see him a few weeks ago, and he simply asked "what do you want to try next?". Well, I have been doing my homework on this very good website, and have noticed some positive comments about nerve blocks. "Hey" he said, "it's worth a go if nothing else". Bless 'im. So, I'm off to the pain management clinic in Workington tomorrow, (yup, the anniversary of my coccyx pain!) to plead my case, and see if he will help me try this. If it doesn't work, I'll just keep trawling the net till I find something else to try. Getting pretty desperate now, I'm getting married in 5 months now, and would really love so much to not have to sit on a bloomin' coccyx cushion all day! Also, I have noticed just how down this is making me, and I hate feeling this way, would love to be my happy self again!

Well, I will keep my fingers crossed that tomorrow goes ok!

Thanks for listening!


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