Fell on tailbone: still in pain four years later

NSM - (No Sudden Moves!) - file4me@hotmail.com

Posted 2008-02-03

I am relieved to find out that I am not the only one. No one seems to understand this, especially not my doctors! Like many I am involved in a legal process over this situation and I've even been told there is no such thing as Coccydynia!

Can anyone tell me what kind of examinations I should expect when going to see a specialist about this? I have now developed hemorrhoids from this and do not welcome the concept of inter-rectal examinations to deal with this.

As my pain severity comes and goes (depending upon whether my tailbone is "disconnected" or "recovering from being disconnected", does anyone have any recommended tests that can help a doctor pinpoint this situation.

I have recently found that by using a full spectrum lite-book (often used for the treatment of SADS) that I am able to get a better nights sleep and feel better during the day. A full night of sleep is something I only remember. Between dealing with pain and getting up to make sure I empty my bladder, I am awake half the night. If I don't empty my bladder, if I am vertical I am leaking, and I don't even feel I need to! Anyone else have this problem?

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