Please don't hesitate to seek help any longer


Posted 2008-06-08

If you're reading these personal experiences then you're obviously looking, as I was about a month ago, for some level of assurance that receiving treatment from a coccydynia specialist will help relieve the pain. All I can say is please don't hesitate to seek help any longer. I did and I am immeasurably grateful for being on the road to recovery now.

In March I developed coccydynia. I had been aware that something strange was developing for some time because I found it difficult to do certain Pilates exercises I previously had no problem with and was uncomfortable sitting at work, but didn't know why. Eventually, I couldn't sit at all - which obviously made the desk job very difficult. My GP prescribed pain relief and a physio referral. In the meantime, my incredibly understanding boss let me work from home where I could work in any position I found comfortable - lying down/kneeling/standing, any which way not sitting.

Although I initially made progress, eventually my physio gave me exercises that inevitably triggered a massive flare up of coccydynia again. Alarm bells started to ring at this point because the exercises that were supposed to help made the condition worse not better. It was clear that I needed more information regarding what was happening and, having found this site - as you have - made an appointment to see Dr Michael Durtnall at the Sayer Clinic in Kensington, London. (see Doctors and specialists in the UK)

During the first assessment he rapidly worked out what was wrong - a displaced coccyx, as well as a stuck sacro-iliac joint that had caused me to have a twisted pelvis (and very painful ilio-lumbar ligaments - this helped explain why certain exercises triggered the coccydynia). That day, Dr Durtnall manipulated my coccyx, my SI joints and other parts of my spine that needed attention. Although I felt trampled and exhausted for a few days after that first appointment, I was able to tolerate sitting for much longer almost immediately (from no more than 20 minutes at a time to coping with a work meeting with 2-hour stretches of sitting without being able to move a lot). Since then (in the space of just a couple of weeks), I've been to Brussels for work and travelled to the South of France by train, have worked every day in the office, been to the cinema, out to the theatre and enjoyed meals out with friends.

It's miraculous to be able to enjoy my life again. I still have a way to go with postural corrections, weight loss and sorting out the muscle imbalances that developed over the long time that I've had a twisted pelvis but I'm confident that in time I can get back to not thinking twice about whether or not I can sit down. Please don't be in pain any longer, it really is worth seeking expert help.

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