Just diagnosed with coccydynia


Posted 2008-11-16

I have just seen my GP, Dr Ramani at Oak Tree Health Centre, Didcot, UK. He straight away diagnosed me with coccydynia. I googled the term and came across a link to your site. Your website was a great help to understand where the pain came from! The source is still unsure but an accident slipping downstairs about 3 years ago may be the culprit. Since then I have lost 4 stone in weight so have lost the padding around the coccyx. I have been prescribed Diclofenac for 1 month to see how this helps. It had better as driving or even being a passenger is painful enough, not to mention sitting in the cinema, which was the final straw for me last weekend.

I have just ordered a coccyx relief cushion for driving and sitting, both home office and away until work can sort out an alternative, maybe a kneeling chair, I will discuss this with my manager tomorrow when I am back. This website www.posturite.co.uk is where I have ordered my cushion from, having ordered a lumbar roll when I pulled a muscle in my back a year ago. I also recommend a gel pad for when I go spinning. I don't fancy cycling 15 miles to work with a sore bum!

I thought the above information may help other fellow sufferers to order specific products to help alleviate their back pain until a permanent solution is found that suits the patient. I think I may end up having my coccyx removed and your diary helped to prepare me for this if it happens.

So far these Diclofenac have made me yawn all morning, and then feel like I'm daydreaming all afternoon, not to mention not being able to get my words out in the right order! The pain has been reduced quite a bit but I can tell when they wear off straight away. I am trying to keep mobile at home and work so I'm not sat for more than 20 mins, lots of cups of tea then loo breaks help there! I will persevere with the tablets until the end of the packet of tablets and see if there is any improvement. This evening at Tesco I felt wobbly as if I was trying to walk on jelly (weird huh!!) I think I just need to get used to them but am not keen on being on medication for the rest of my life, I'm only 32!!

I also suffer from Irritable Bowel Disease but am not on any of the medications mentioned on your website, I just avoid the trigger foods or if I am eating out and this isn't possible, I take Lactase Enzyme (only available at Holland & Barrett for 8.99 for 60 tablets 1 tablet for tea/cappachino, 2 for a latte/milkshake, 2 for a pizza/lasagne and 3 for an ice-cream or cheesecake based dessert. These are suggested dosages but different people need different amounts and the dosage varies depending on the dish and the person taking them. No more than 3 tablets per course and take the tablet(s) immediately before eating food. If you take too many you may end up constipated, but 6 prunes normally sorts this out!)

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