My story of coccyx pain and the relief from treatment

Doug F.

Posted 2008-12-07

I'm a healthy 32-year old male who wouldn't have been able to find the coccyx on a human anatomy map until my accident. In May of 2007, I went to sit down on a concrete step, but my rear end missed the step and I hit my coccyx square on the edge of the step. Bang!! It's painful to even think about it. While the intense pain eventually subsided, there was a nagging pain that would never seem to go away. It always made its presence known when I would sit down in a chair or get out of the chair, especially beach chairs or an unfamiliar car seat. My urgent care physician gave me some anti-inflammatory pills, but the pain would return the next day.

As summer turned to fall, it became more of a discomfort than pain. Still, it wouldn't go away for good. It was less noticeable in the winter and spring months, but still there. I was busy with my job and didn't want to make the time to get it looked at. I could live with the discomfort, but I started thinking it was getting to be time to look into some possible treatment.

When the summer of 2008 rolled around, it was back to more activities that made the more prevalent. Lots of time in the car, and getting in and out of beach chairs. It was even more uncomfortable when laying on the type of chair you find near a pool. After a four-day beach vacation in August where I felt it constantly, enough was enough. I went to Google, typed in "tailbone pain" and found Dr. Patrick Foye's office in Newark, New Jersey (near New York City - see Doctors and specialists in the USA). I quickly made an appointment.

At the initial consultation, I took the time to watch a comprehensive video that Dr. Foye put together that shows the tailbone structure and explains the pain, as well as the types of treatment. Being at that first appointment was comforting, understanding where the pain was coming from and knowing that the end of my time experiencing tailbone pain was within reach.

As I had suspected from watching the video and MRI's proved later, a simple injection was all I needed. Following the injection, I can safely say the discomfort is all but completely gone.. I'd say 95% gone. A nice improvement to my daily quality of life.

I was so pleased with the results that I volunteered to Dr. Foye to write this story about my experiences. If you're suffering from tailbone pain, it is well worth your while to see him or your nearest tailbone specialist.


Doug F.

Weehawken, NJ

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