Success with manipulation and exercises


Posted 2008-10-26

January 2007, 5 weeks after the birth of my second chid I started to experience discomfort sitting down. It started off where it felt like I had bruised my coccyx (I hadn't) and then after sitting on a rubber ring for a while I found I couldn't sit anywhere without it. I was in real pain, and started to get quite down. So I decided to see an Osteopath. She told me my pelvis was out of line and this was what was causing me to have a painful coccyx area. I saw my Osteopath over 5 months but things didn't improve at all.

I then decided to see a Pain Management Consultant to see if he knew how to help me and he straightaway suggested I have an MRI scan to see what was happening with my back. This showed that I had a slight bend in my coccyx and some inflammation and he suggested a steroid injection to alleviate this. A week later I undertook the injection in theatre and was told I would feel the effect of the steroid immediately. To my disappointment I felt no different and when I rang my consultant 3 days later he said to give it a week or maybe 2 weeks as sometimes steroids can take this long to work. No surprise to me at all, I felt no different and so finally resorted to looking on the internet for help.

I stumbled upon and then onto information about Dr Michael Durtnall in London (see doctors and specialists in the UK). Nervously I went to visit him in September 2007 and he x-rayed me and straightaway said my coccyx was bent and with manipulation he was 90% confident I would be 100% cured. I was so impressed with his diagnosis and started the treatment immediately. At first I saw him weekly with internal manipulation and a machine that massages the muscles of your lower back and buttocks. Then as things slowly improved I progressed to monthly visits with an exercise routine to be completed half hourly to keep the muscles moving. After 8 months of treatment I began to feel less and less pain and eventually in May 2008 I stopped my visits because I felt no pain at all. I have been delighted with my treatment and only wish I had seen Dr Michael Durtnall from the very beginning.

During one of my visits I asked him if I would be able to have another child again and he replied of course now that your coccyx is moving I see no reason to start trying. So it is only fair that as I write this I should tell you that I am 5 months pregnant with twins! Generally I feel no discomfort at all but every now and then I feel the odd twinge but I was told this would be the case but with exercise I should hopefully prevent my coccyx stiffening up again.

So the advice I would give is if you can, avoid the steroid injection at all costs and see a coccyx specialist (ideally Dr Michael Durtnall - he knows his stuff), but above all have hope!!

Caroline, Teddington.

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