Removal of child's coccyx


Posted 2008-02-10

My daughter, 4 years old, has been diagnosed with an abdominal mass in her pelvis. At first it was suggested it was a teratoma, now after CAT scan and MRI it looks like it is a "normal" cyst. It has to be removed, and I support that, but the surgeon also wants to remove the tailbone, something that is routinely done with teratomas, but I'm not sure if it is necessary in my daughter's case. The surgeon told us that the tailbone is not necessary for sitting and that there is no pain after the incision is healed. After reading your website with all the personal comments I am scared to let them do this to my girl, it looks like nobody is ever pain free after the tailbone is gone.

Now a week after her surgery she is doing great, she is still hurting a little while sitting and even though she doesn't admit that there is any pain ( I think she is afraid that she would have to go back to the hospital) she avoids sitting with her full weight on her behind. At this point I am not so worried about that, considering that they removed a 4 cm big tumor and her tailbone she is doing better than I ever expected.

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