A sneeze .. coccydynia .. four years

Pan Pan - pan9988@yahoo.com

Posted 2008-03-09


I am writing the first time but have visited coccyx.org for hope more than a hundred times over the past five months, and would like to thank Jon Miles greatly for setting up this website.

Four years ago, I caught cold and was sneezing and coughing a lot. After four days, my body was weak and aching all over from the strain of sneezing heavily. I was sitting on the floor cross-legged when I had another sneeze, but this time I felt a lot of pain in my tailbone area for the first time ever. Every sneeze, cough, sitting, standing hurt from then on.

For three years, I lived with it not knowing there is a medical term for this problem and that there are other people suffering for it. Yet, I was o.k. since pain was limited to sitting and standing from sitting position. I could walk, run, lie on my back and do everything else.

Last year, I took a long car ride (7 hours) followed by a long flight (21 hours) with a baby and lifted some loads. The next morning, I felt that I was sore around my tailbone. Now, I could no longer lie on my back. Over this last year, I also felt some discomfort if I walked and stood for long. I saw a general doctor who had no idea.

Five months ago, I played some tennis and ran three miles continuously for four days which left me bedridden. Now, every step hurt. I took some bed-rest and was able to walk with lesser pain.

So currently, I can't sit properly, can't lie on my back, and can't walk and stand for long without discomfort. Over these past five months, I have seen an orthopedic doctor, an osteopath and two chiropractors. I flew to Oregon from Seattle for a day to get an internal manipulation done, which did not help at all.

I am in my 20's and fear losing hope. I will greatly appreciate any thoughts and suggestions from people who have either suffered from this at some point or are suffering form it now.

Thank you very much and my best wishes.

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