Can't get any help from doctors

A depressed mother -

Posted 2008-03-03

I never knew people in Cedar Rapids area can be so dumb about this problem. I guess you can tell I live in Cedar Rapids area and I have had problems with the doctors here in Cedar Rapids area to believe me in my pain.

I fell down about 3 years ago, before I moved to Cedar Rapids, and I am disappointed that I did. I went to the doctors on Tuesday Feb. the 26th to get help with my broken tail bone and they told me that there was nothing that can be done about it, that I would have to life with the pain. and to go to thephy to ease that pain. well I know from a fact that they can do something about it but they did not want to help out a mother of four boys. I have a feeling that they where laughing at me after I left the office. so I am in pain to the long haul lol. I am gonna find out some one to help me so if you know of any one in Cedar Rapids area or even in Iowa area e-mail me please.

Thanks, a depressed Mother

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