An off the wall method that worked for me


Posted 2008-06-08

Hi. I am 19 weeks pregnant and have been suffering from worsening coccyx pain over the last 2 months or more. Trying unsuccessfully to sleep last night, I looked up your site and began reading. After reading about internal and external manual adjustment methods, I tried the internal one first. I felt a teeny bit of relief but not enough relief to suit me.

This morning, an idea struck about how I could sort of try to lift out my tail bone similar to the end result achieved from the external manual manipulation described on your site. It worked! I feel relief. Here is how I did it. I did it two times this morning and feel great now. I happen to have a blue medicine ball I bought at Burlington Coat Factory a long time ago. It is made by Valeo and is 6 lbs. It appears to be made out of blue rubber and is kind of squishy. It is not the typical hard medicine ball I am used to seeing at the gym. I have no idea where one would find one of these today if they were looking, however.

Here is what I did. Unclothed, I sort of parted my cheeks and sat down on top of the medicine ball. The fact that it is slightly squishy helped me not to feel a lot of pain as I did this. Some, but I kind of moved around until I felt comfortable to put my full weight on it. Then I slowly rolled forward on the ball. In the most forward position, I just kind of hung there for a few seconds while letting the ball pull up on my tailbone. Because it is made of rubber, it stuck to my skin enough that it pulled up on my tailbone in this position. After, I carefully got up. I felt better immediately. I did my normal slow twist motion and got a nice loud "pop" that I've been after from my lower back for more than a month now. Ahh, sweet relief.

Afterward, I took a bath and laying on the hard bathtub didn't hurt like it had been. After the bath, I did it once more for good measure.



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