C-Section for 2nd baby?

Rebecca - rleonard@hushmail.com

Posted 2008-08-24

I had a baby girl in the summer of 2004 and had what I thought was a normal delivery. When my epidural wore off, I was in so much pain any time I tried to move, I would almost pass out. It felt as if my bones in my pelvic area were grinding and shifting against each other. Because I hadn't been through childbirth before and didn't know that I was in an unusual amount of pain, I wasn't successfully communicating to my caregivers how bad it was. It wasn't until one of the post-partum nurses saw me try to get out of the bed that someone realized things were out of the ordinary. I was sent for an x-ray, but because I had no actual broken bones, I was released from the hospital.

I couldn't sit, it hurt to move and I was in misery. I would breastfeed my daughter in the middle of the night standing up because I couldn't sit in the rocker with her. Frankly, I'm amazed I lasted breastfeeding 6 months, but I was in such a haze of pain, I honestly don't remember it. There were plenty of other issues, as well, but those are the highlights.

I eventually ended up having a cortizone shot in my coccyx (AWFUL PAIN) and after about 2 years, the pain subsided to the point where it didn't bother me unless I was going for a long car trip.

Fast forward 4 years to now and I am pregnant with our second child. My OB is giving me the option to have a c-section. That sounds good to me because I can't imagine that causing as much severe and prolonged pain (and depression!) as my coccyx injury did. Has anyone experienced this and would be willing to give their pros and cons?

Update, 2009-03-01

Just had my c-section two days ago and what a world of difference from the first delivery!! Yes, I am sore from the incision and tired from the surgery recovery, but it is nothing compared to the coccyx injury. My pain is being managed by oral pain medication and I am able to enjoy this newborn SO much more than my first since I'm not so consumed by pain. It gets a little painful when I'm using my stomach muscles, but if I'm sitting still or lying down, there is no pain (quite different from the coccyx!). Now that I have a comparison, I realize I had no idea how hard delivery and having a newborn was the first time with the coccyx injury. Very liberating to have some confirmation of that bad experience!

Hope this helps someone else...

Update, 2010-01-10

I'm writing another update because I've received so many messages from women in the same predicament as I was. I am now almost 11 months post c-section and the decision to have the c-section was quite possibly the best decision I've ever made. I've had several people say to me that a c-section is dangerous, painful and should be avoided at all costs. Well, perhaps it is slightly more dangerous than in a "normal" vaginal birth without complications. But injuring your coccyx is a MAJOR complication, one that has far reaching consequences. The post-surgical pain and recovery this time was NOTHING compared to the coccyx injury. I can recognize now that I was in such a haze of pain that I was depressed and barely able to function, much less enjoy my baby. I am able to do normal, every day activities like sit in a chair and play with my baby, or read a book that I couldn't think about doing even a year after my first baby. I'm finally enjoying BOTH children. I urge women to find an OB that is supportive of the choice to have a c-section after a coccyx injury. I so wish I hadn't agonized over the decision for as long as I did!

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