21 year old hoping for help after 11 years

Charlotte - charl_20@hotmail.com

Posted 2008-04-06


My name's Charlotte. I have been suffering from lower back pain, which was supposed coccydinia, for 11 years now. I am 21 years old. I had 2 courses of steroid injection and internal manipulation on my coccyx after a fall off my bike, which broke my coccyx, when I was 10 years old. These procedures gave me no relief when sitting for longer than a few minutes in a car or at the cinema/theatre, on a sunbed, or even in bed on a hard mattress.

I was then put forward for the removal of my coccyx at about 15 years old. After a gruelling recovery and a week in hospital I was still in agony with my 'coccyx area'. I had years of acupuncture, physiotherapy and chiropractic care with no positive results. I was X-rayed and given an MRI exam, which showed that my sacrum had an extra piece on the end(!), and so I was admitted for another operation to have that removed. This, again, gave me no pain relief.

3 years ago I met a plastic surgeon who operated and inserted a 'cushioning' in to my lower back where my coccyx would have been, in the hope of relieving the pressure that could have been causing the pain. 3 years on and I am still in agony. I have also been suffering from depression for 2 years for the physical pain that has been caused by my back since I was a child.

I was told that the plastic surgery procedure was my last hope, but since finding this website I have been spurred on to keep trying and not to give up just yet!

I'm hoping that perhaps a patient who can sympathise with my symptoms will read this and let me know what helped/is helping for them.

I am a student in Canterbury but have private medical insurance and am willing to travel anywhere! Thank you very much, all ideas welcomed!

Kind regards,


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