Very unsympathetic doctor

Jacqui Woolley -

Posted 2008-11-16

I have just been diagnosed with coccydynia, after years of suffering. My problem started nearly over 12 years ago when I had my son, I had numbness around my buttock area for over a year, to which I kept returning to my GP. After a year or so the numbness went and I was left with this intermittent pain in my bottom when standing up after sitting in an upright chair. I have suffered this as I said for 11 years.

Back in July my pain became worse and I have been suffering ever since. I went to my GP, who sent me for various tests as she thought it might be a gynae problem. By the middle of October, I found the pain too much to cope with and when my legs started to be affected went back to my GP who had me admitted to hospital. Once there they finally seemed to be taking me seriously and I was given an x-ray and an MRI. These results (which I have only just received this week) have concluded that I have coccydynia and I have now been referred to a specialist spinal consultant.

In the meantime I am drugged up on Co-codamol, which is not helping and told to find the best way of coping with it myself. I am finding it impossible to work, as I sit at a desk on a computer all day. I have tried several cushions and even a rubber ring and nothing seems to help. My consultant says that this is a long term condition and there is no quick fix solution. It may go by itself or may not and I am thoroughly depressed and fed up. I find it too painful to have intercourse so it is affecting my relationship.

When I returned to my GP, I was told to use cushions, ask my employer to buy me a split seat chair (which I cannot as I am on a temporary contract) and try to cope with sitting at my desk in different positions. All of which I have already tried. He seemed very unsympathetic to my situation and I left feeling even more depressed than before.

Is there any advice out there for me, I feel like my life is on hold and there seems to be no end to this. I would welcome any feedback.

Jacqui Woolley

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