Internal manipulation not working so far

Cindi Rella -

Posted 2008-04-27

28 March 2008

I fell while playing hockey, and yes I had breezers on which had pads in them. I fell hard enough to fracture my coccyx and to give me a slight concussion. Neither were diagnosed that night, because I'm stubborn. My first doctor visit on 3/29 determined that my tail bone was severely bruised and that I did have a slight concussion. On 3/31 the radiologist called and said that I did in fact have a fractured tailbone. I was then referred to a orthopaedic.

14 April 2008

I saw the orthopaedic who was completely baffled on how I fractured it. He said I must have fell just right. He prescribed more pain meds and suggested internal manipulation because it was fractured with displacement, pointing forwards..

23 April 2008

I've had three therapy session so far. After each one I'm in quite a bit of pain. I have a electric interferrential device for pain, that really helps. I also take vicadin and percocet. It just depends on what time of the day it is on what I take. Usually after the sessions, after a few hours, I get spasms and it feels like the bone is moving at times. It's very unpleasant and unnerving. I'm going to therapy tomorrow and maybe a couple more times next week. Unfortunately my therapist is not optimistic about the therapy working. I've got a coccyx cushion and my desk is being modified so I can stand and work. If anybody has any other recommendations, that would be greatly appreciated. If you know anybody in Minnesota that you can refer me to, that would be great.



Update, 2008-06-29

I ended up having five sessions of internal manipulation. The pain was excruciating after each session. After having all of the sessions I went to a colon and rectal doctor for further evaluation. Upon further evaluation I was given the choice of letting it heal in the position it was in, or having it removed. I opted to have it taken out.

29 May

I had surgery to remove my tailbone. The surgery took twice as long as anticipated because of the way it was broken. It was about an hour and 45 minutes. Woke up in some pretty good pain, but walked out of the hospital pushing the wheelchair.

I had quite a bit of swelling, but figured with the extra long surgery, I would be. I have been very adamant about laying around. It's not fun, but I think it's helping with the healing. A week after surgery my incision split open and I leaked fluid for several hours. Since it didn't have an odor, or nasty color, it was considered normal. So don't get alarmed if that happens. I take ibuprofen every 3-4 hours and use ice packs very often.I had my surgery on a Thursday and the doc told me I could go back to work on Monday. Well I opted to take Monday off. Tuesday - Thursday I worked halfed days and by Friday I was about ready to fall over in pain. I got the doc to give me a note to work from home the next couple of weeks. Working while laying on my couch was so much easier.

24 June

I've returned to work, as my body can tolerate it. I had my re-check yesterday and my incision looks great according to the doc. He told me he ended up shaving off part of my sacrum as well because of the way it was broken. Maybe that's why I'm still hurting.He recommended I start swimming for good low impact exercise. The swelling will come and go with activity, so I use ice packs often. I'm still in pain, but it's tolerable. I'm trying very hard to be aware of my posture to help with all of the muscles. I'll go back in another month for another re-check.


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