Coccyx and sacrum pain

Karen Denton -

Posted 2008-03-16

I first started feeling pain from my coccyx in November 2005. I did not fall down etc the pain just came on while I was at the gym!!!

My GP referred me to the hospital. The doctor that I saw said basically there is not a great deal he can do. I had 1 injection of steroids that did not work and he sent me on my merry way and told me I would have to put up with it. The pain was excruciating sat down and I had pain again when rising from a chair. I spent a fortune on chiropractors etc all of which did not help.

My GP when retired and I got a new GP. By this time I was off sick from work as I could not sit down at all and I had constant back pain plus pain in my shoulders and neck. I went to my new GP and begged to be referred to anyone else. Turns out I should have been referred to an orthopaedic surgeon in the first place. My old GP had referred me to the wrong doctor!!!!

I went to the surgeon in 2007. He did an x-ray and advised that I had fractured my coccyx. I had an operation to remove it in September 2007. It is now March 2008 and I still have problems. I am not too bad providing I sit on my coccyx cushion but I am still in pain when sitting and rising from a chair if I don't sit on my coccyx cushion.

I have been back to the hospital today to see my surgeon. He has said that the pain must be coming from my sacrum. He has advised that he does not want to perform another operation. He has said that I need to go back and see him in 6 months time during which the pain MAY get better. If the pain does not get better in the next 6 months he has said the only thing he can recommend is pain relief/pain management.

My question is - if the pain is coming from my sacrum is this likely to get any better in the next 6 months or do people think I will still be in the same position???? Shall I go back to the surgeon and ask for pain relief/pain management now as it is not likely to get any better and will I just be waiting another 6 months for nothing??

Any advice/help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Posted 2008-05-18


I live in the UK and have been suffering from coccyx pain since November 2005. I had a operation in September 2007 to remove my coccyx as I had broken it.

I am still in pain when I sit down and my surgeon has said that the pain is coming from my sacrum, he has advised me that there is nothing more he can do surgically and it is now a case of pain management.

My other big problem now is that my employer are now going to sack me as I have been off sick for too long. However they will not terminate my employment due to ill health - therefore I cannot get my pension money. They will not do this because they have a report from a doctor from a pain management clinic stating I am fit to work with painkillers.

I went to see this doctor in January 2008 and he prescribed me tramadol which have not worked. His report is from January and he has not seen me since then so he does not know that the pain killers do not work.

Has anyone else been in this position?? Is there anything anyone can suggest apart from seeing a solicitor??


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