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Nina Litvak -

Posted 2008-05-04

I developed coccydynia after the birth of my daughter 4 years ago. Chiropractic was useless and a waste of money.

Then I found Dr. John McDonald from UCLA hospital (see Doctors and specialists in the USA). He is a pain specialist with a great deal of experience on women's pelvic pain. He injected me weekly or biweekly for 7 weeks. It was some kind of caudal or nerve block. To be honest I didn't understand everything he told me about the treatment.

His told me that my pain did not have a physical cause. He kept injecting me with anesthesia and the nerve block to retrain the neural passageways. For a while my pain got worse. But he told me that wasn't uncommon. Then, one day, I realized - I can sit down! I don't have pain anymore.

Dr. Mcdonald is in the Los Angeles area. He's a little hard to reach. His pager number is 310-301-5669, office is 310-222-5241 but he's only there one day a week.

If anybody has tailbone pain and there does not appear to be a physical cause, I highly recommend contacting Dr. McDonald or another pain specialist who does nerve blocks for pain.

Nina Litvak

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