Trying craniosacral therapy and yoga

Harriet -

Posted 2008-07-25

I am 27 years old and have been suffering coccyx pain for around 6 months. The pain started after a long plane flight followed by a fall. An X-ray showed no sign of damage so I went to see a physio / craniosacral therapist. She taught me some daily stretches for my upper legs and buttocks and encouraged me to sit up straight (leaning slightly forward) and distribute my weight evenly across both buttocks. She also recommended that when I'm sitting down, I should shift my weight from side to side and front to back every so often. All of this has helped me to manage the pain.

The craniosacral therapy helps the pain a little by relaxing the muscles which connect to the coccyx, especially in the lower back. My physio has also recommended I take up yoga or tai chi to keep relaxing and stretching my leg, back and buttock muscles. Time will tell whether this is effective!

All the best with your own search for relief.

Update, 2009-01-18

I have now given up on the craniosacral therapy, because any mild relief I got was almost immediately reversed by the long car trip home from the clinic! However, I have been following my physiotherapist's advice in swimming regularly and doing yoga and daily stretches. Of all those, swimming and stretching seems to ease the pain the most.

I have also been to see an Osteopath regularly for a few months. I am surprised by how effective this has been. Every session begins with a 30-minute massage, which often focusses on my hamstrings and glutes, followed by a short treatment by the osteopath. I would say having regular treatments has taken the pain down to a much lower level in general, but it has not completely taken away the pain. I have just been away on holidays for 3 weeks, and the pain has now returned to its original level. Since the sessions are quite expensive, I am thinking of trying something else now, to see if I can find some more lasting relief.

If anyone has had positive experiences with these non-surgical treatments, feel free to get in touch.

Harriet Connor

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