Pain relief at last!!!!


Posted 2008-07-02

Hi my name is Rita and I think I have found the answer to my coccyx pain.

I have been unable to sit for too long because of this coccyx pain for the last 3 years approximately. I have been going to a chiropractor for my lower back pain for the last 10 years but the last 3 years, the back pain shifted to my coccyx. There was no injury or trauma just pain when sitting. I bought an inflatable ring which busted; I bought a special cushion which flattens as I sit on it.

I do not consider myself as huge either because I'm 5'8" and 77 kg. I really should be about 70 kg so I'm not too overweight. I do have a flat butt and not much of a natural cushion to sit on.

In about 30 days time and counting I am leaving Australia for a nice holiday in Malta, so that means I need to be seated for approximately 29 hours in the airplane, so I thought before I go on my holiday, I need to sort out my seating problem.

I went to my GP and he sent me for an x ray. Showed nothing. He sent me for another special test and special bone test again shows no abnormalities in the bones. So it's up to me and my imagination to experiment and ease the pain so when I go on the plane I could sit.

I had a look in my medicine chest and came across a tube of hemorrhoid cream which my dad used to use when he visited Australia in 1997. It was actually expired and I thought what the heck I'm going to throw it out anyway so I smeared some of that on my coccyx area externally. And gee wiz I could sit with much less pain within half an hour.

One ingredient in the cream is antistatic also contains cortisone. The two ingredients together helped a lot. I also went out and bought suppositories for hemorrhoids which worked really well.

The only down side is that you can only use these products for 7 days in succession but I'm using the cream on the outside not on the inside and I am using the suppositories only when I know I'm going to have a long sit at work or something like that not every day. I never use the products together.

I have also bought an ointment which is an anesthetic. On other days I use about 2.5 cm Xylocaine 5 % ointment smeared on my skin externally so between these products and some panadol I'm doing heaps better and I hope ill have a comfortable flight. Forgot to mention my fluid tablets. I tend to retain fluid and I have to take fruzemide to eliminate extra fluid from my body and when I take them I also feel relief from the coccyx pain. The GP told me that extra fluid in the body makes more inflammation. So now since I realized it helps my butt as well, I have been taking them every second day as prescribed rather than when I remember.

Well that's my story I hope it helps others. I will be glad to respond to any questions for the next 30 days cause after that I shall be sunbathing on the beautiful sandy beach in Malta. Lying down helps me a lot too so I will be doing lots of that in August.

Thanks for reading


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