How to breastfeed with coccyx pain?

Shania -

Posted 2008-11-09

I have suffered with coccyx pain for 1.5 years. I've tried manipulation, injections, acupuncture, Pilates and swimming but nothing helps. I only have pain when I sit or when I stand still. I have no pain when I'm walking or lying down.

I am having my first baby by c-section next week and wondered if anyone could advise me about good pain-free breast-feeding positions. There is no way I will be able to sit all day to breastfeed so any other comfy positions would be appreciated.

Many thanks


Note from Jon Miles:

One woman reported that she solved this problem by lying her baby on its back on the floor, and kneeling on all fours over the baby! Others have taken the baby into bed, and lain on their side, with baby on its side. See also the Comfortable chairs page. Most of these chairs would be no good for breastfeeding, but the position reclining on one side ought to work.

If people would like to send suggestions to me as well as to Shania, I will add a page on breastfeeding to the 'Coping' section of this website. You can contact me here.

breastfeeding lying down

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