I've been experiencing pain in my coccyx for over a year

Brian - BESpicer@cbrm.ns.ca

Posted 2008-03-09

I had a slip and fall on the ice in Feb./March 2006. Lots of pain that day, however after several days the pain went away and I gave it no more thought.

Then during the summer of 2006 I went on an all day motorcycle run. My position when riding is directly on my tailbone. Over the next few weeks I experienced pain when sitting for any period of time. I also notice that wearing blue jeans (double seam down the back and over the tailbone) seemed to make the problem worse. After a few weeks the pain was no longer recurring, however in the fall the pain returned for no apparent reason and has been my regular if not constant companion since. I now use V notched cushions at the office desk and in my car which provide some relief.

I had one x-ray in December 2006 and was advised there was evidence that the coccyx had been broken. My doctor sent me for physiotherapy and acupuncture no noticeable help. A bone scan in Jan. 2007 indicated no abnormalities seen which would be in keeping with coccyx pain.

Workmen's Compensation Board has ruled that the slip on ice happened at my work place, however there is no direct link between that event (fall on tailbone) and my current condition of chronic pain as there was a delay of many months.

Has anyone had similar experience with such a prolonged delay between the date of injury and the onset of continual pain?

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