How many others with broken coccyx?

Lynne Voros -

Posted 2008-01-13

How many people are there out there who have lost their coccyx due to trauma? I've read literally hundreds of postings for people who have woken up with or had a sudden onslaught of coccydynia, but only a handful of people who have suffered trauma (due to accident) to the coccyx. Although the end results are very similar I'm trying to find out how many others share the same problems I do and if so, what your experiences have been and are you still suffering?

I fell down the stairs two years ago come April. I stopped working from the November and sold my business because I just couldn't sit for long enough or drive far enough to be productive. I had been told I'd dislocated my tailbone and had injections and manipulation. Eventually, after being able to take the pain no longer, I went back to my orthopedic surgeon and we agreed on a coccyxgectomy, which I had in March 2007. We discovered at surgery that the coccyx had broken right off and was sitting up the left side.It has never got fully better and I really miss being able to slump in a chair and watch TV. I still can't sit for long or drive far. I get really uncomfortable having to sit sideways or halfway off a chair to do (for example) this... Incidentally - a harder chair is easier to keep your backside raised!

What I have however discovered, is the amount of people who are in the same boat. Most of them suffer from coccydynia which is the pain in the coccyx that result (from what I've read) from a sudden onslaught out of the blue. It has also amazed me how many people have been suffering for years - and I mean years - with little or no relief. It amazed me too how little support we seem to get from doctors! Do you think this may be because they either want to ignore it because they can't fix it, or don't believe us that it isn't fixed?As silly as this may sound, I can't work. Who is going to employ someone who can't sit for more than (about) 10 minutes, then has to walk around a bit, then sit somewhere I can be on my side with my feet up..... on a continuously rotating basis every day. The added problem here is that I live in South Africa and we don't have a public transport service which means one has to drive to work every day..... in peak hour traffic..... not a chance!There are other things I may never enjoy again. My family lives all over the world. I don't know if I'll ever be able to sit on an plane long enough to travel anywhere to visit them. Oh of course, if I win the lottery (coz I can't earn a salary) then I could go business!

I've been researching coccyx problems now for a few months and it also horrifies me the amount of drugs people are taking for pain and how many have eventually resorted to having pain-blockers (pumps) surgically inserted which give up to an hour (for heavens sake) relief when the pump does its thing! The sad thing is, those who have had this procedure done are simply relieved just to be able to sit through a movie! The other side of this coin is the lengths they had to go to to finally find this relief. This is ridiculous.

Do you think its because these little tail-bones are deemed so insignificant by the medical fraternity they simply don't understand what pain some people have to put up with?

I'm lucky.... I don't have continuous pain, only if I sit or walk too long. I pray I never need to resort to having a pain blocking thing inserted, but I'm damn sure not able to live a normal life any more.I also discovered that all the injections they pump into you for pain actually do more damage than good!

The bottom (I'm sorry - please excuse the pun!) line is that a huge percentage of people who have trauma to the coccyx end up with permanent problems.

I'm still in the process of finding out exactly what's going on down there.... but I'm damn sure I don't want to go down the road that so many have fruitlessly gone to have umpteen injections that don't work.If there is anyone out there who has a problem due to trauma - and have any information they think I could use - please please let me know!

In the meantime - I wish you all a good 2008!


Lynne Voros

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