What worked for me ... Curamin and Serrapeptase

Anonymous, USA

Posted 2018-02-25

Hello everyone. I am here to share my story after a full recovery from years of tailbone pain/troubles. I am not in the least inclined to share and post online (I don't even have Facebook…gasp!). However, I remember clearly how desperate I was for this pain to go away and that desperation along with so many others here willing to share their stories is what inspires me to share, too.

Ok, I'm not a doctor and what worked for me may not work for you, so please try at your own risk. I urge you to look up and research anything I mention here fully for side effects and interactions with other medications before you try it.

I'm not really sure what caused my tailbone pain, but in the Fall of 2014, I had a urinary tract infection that knocked me out and caused me to be so fatigued that I was sitting and lying down constantly for about two weeks straight. After that, my tailbone hurt badly and I was unable to sit comfortably. In fact, I had a trigger point that made me jump out of my skin if it got touched. I thought the pain would heal on it's own, but after months of waiting with no improvement, I finally decided to see a Specialist about it. I am a Christian and I prayed throughout this whole process and I believe that is how I was led to the right people and treatments to get me through this. Thank you, Lord Jesus.

In the beginning of 2015, I went to Specialist very familiar with tailbone pain who did adjustments. (He described the adjustment not as harsh with a pop back into place like a chiropractor, but as slow and gentle.) Obviously, I was scared and nervous to let him do what he needed to do to make the adjustment, but I was desperate and more afraid of living with this horrifying, embarrassing pain the rest of my life. I let him make the adjustment and it hurt, but not excruciatingly. The next day and few days afterward, I was exhausted. When I told the doctor that at my next appointment, he explained it meant we were on the right track because my body was adjusting to the new position of the tailbone.

I had quite a few more appointments with this doctor and my pain improved, but didn't fully go away. By spring of 2016, we ended up taking an x-ray of me sitting and standing to make sure the tailbone was in place- it was. I ended my appointments with him after I felt the treatment was no longer improving my pain. He had taught me how to self-adjust and he assured me the pain would go away and I needed to simply stop aggravating it. I was already constantly using a cushion with the back cut out so there was no pressure on the tailbone, I had tried cutting a hole in my mattress topper per his advice to even alleviate pressure while I slept (that didn't work out, I wouldn't recommend it) and I tried different homemade and store-bought ointments and salves that were supposed to quiet down the nerves and help the pain subside. None of that worked and NSAIDs didn't either. I tried the squats as recommended on this forum, but that didn't work either. Also, the self-adjusting relieved the pain very temporarily (like while I did it or just for a little while afterward). The doctor had told me that it was doing me no good to do it then and to just leave it alone. I had trouble not touching it to attempt to relieve the pain, but even when I did leave it alone for a while, the pain never fully went away. It improved a little, but never went away and would flair up when I touched it too much or sat wrong/too long.

When the pain began it was about at about an 8 or 9 out of 10 being the worst it could be. After seeing the doctor, the pain had improved to maybe a 6 or 7 and a 4 or 5 on really good days. So, I was stuck with this pain to deal with every day that frustrated me, tormented me and brought me to tears all the time. I didn't know what else to do, so I just dealt with it for many months.

By 2016, I finally told my mom about what had happened (I didn't tell any of my family members previously because I was embarrassed). She insisted I talk to the one doctor in our family, my uncle. Well, thank God I did because he recommended some pills to try that led to my recovery. They were a turmeric type pill that his wife used for back pain. The type I took was called Curamin by Terry Naturally with the boswellia in it. I was skeptical that anything would help me now and the pills were expensive, but I was willing to give them a try after dealing with this pain so long.

I began the Curamin pills at the end of 2016 or beginning of 2017. I think I started with the regular strength ones and wow, it made me really sore for a few days the first time or two I took them. It was like they "knew" where the pain was and made my tailbone and some other old injuries really sensitive and sore. At first, I think I only tried a pill or two a day until I got used to them, but soon I found my routine. I would take 2 pills in the morning and 1 in the evening. Because of the soreness, I decided to take them daily for 1 week on, then take 1 week off or sometimes 2 to 3 weeks off if I needed time to be out of the pain they caused. After the first bottle, I switched to Extra Strength and continued with the 2 pills in the morning, 1 in the evening for about a week, then taking a break. They always made my tailbone and body sore, but when I took the break, the tailbone pain was reduced a little each time. It took me several bottles of pills and an entire year of taking them, but eventually my tailbone pain was reduced to practically nothing. It was no longer noticeable daily unless I sat on a hard surface, like wood or a restaurant booth. It was pretty much gone. When it did act up, it was at about a 1 or 2 on the pain scale, 3 at the worst, but the pain didn't stay anymore! To me, that made those pills worth every penny.

Please note: Ladies, Curamin pills stimulate the uterus, so you don't want to take them during your period. Also, by all means DO NOT take them if you are pregnant! If you're nursing, remember that anything in your system gets passed to the baby, so please consult a doctor first or stay on the safe side and don't take them during nursing.

So, I was pretty happy with that result and thought that that would be how I would live now, just dealing with a little pain sometimes rather than a lot all the time.

Well, the story gets even better. I had used Serrapeptase a few years back, an enzyme produced by silkworms (I know, kinda weird, right? Look it up.) for a certain ailment I was having (long story) and while I didn't know if it helped that ailment, it did seem to make the tendonitis I had in my wrists go away- amazing! So by late 2017, I was having lower back pain that caused some sciatica type symptoms that were horrible. I couldn't sleep because the pain would keep me awake. I wondered if the Serrapeptase would help with the condition. Well, I was right! It did. It took me out of back pain and to my surprise, it finished off the last remnant of tailbone pain that was left and I pretty much no longer have tailbone pain at all! It takes a lot more to aggravate it if I do. I try to take the lowest dose that is effective if possible and I was taking 40,000 IU twice a day (you always take it away from food, by the way…on an empty stomach or a couple of hours after you eat). Anyway, the lower dose didn't help that much, but when I upped it to 80,000 IU in the morning and another 40,000 to 80,000 in the evening, it helped much more and instead of relieving the pain, it took me out of it. It seems to be a permanent fix for the last bit of tailbone pain, but the back and leg pain does return if I sleep on my back too much. I'll be taking the Serrapeptase again off and on to see if it helps. I think it's only safe to take it short-term, like up to a month at a time.

Another thing that helped my back pain was taking collagen peptides. I just add about a half scoop to my coffee in the morning every other day. It took 3 months of taking it before I noticed any difference, but it did help my back pain. (I had started out taking a scoop a day every day for the first few months, but then reverted to a maintenance dose. Also, a full scoop would give me a headache by the evening every time.)

I hope that my experience helps many of you out there. I know that many of you got hurt even worse than I did with herniated discs and broken tailbones. I'm so sorry and I feel for you. What worked for me may not work for you, but if you think it's safe for you to try what I did after you do research, I wish you the best and hope it works for you, too.

Update, 2019-04-14

Ok, now it's 2019. I've taken more Curamin pills for other pains I get sometimes, mainly back pain and I still occasionally take the Serrapeptase. I also still sit on my cushion with the hole cut out in the back when I'm in my recliner, but I don't need one for the car (unless maybe it's a really long trip, then I would consider it.) I still find all these things to be effective and my tailbone pain has remained mostly gone. I say mostly gone because it's still possible for it to act up if I have to sit on a hard surface, such as a wooden chair with no cushion at all. However, these instances are few and far between and almost every day of my life, I no longer have tailbone pain. I can now sit on most surfaces (cushioned dining room chairs, car seats, a padded office chair, etc.) with no pain, even for long periods of time. This is a huge improvement for me because at the beginning of this, I was not able to sit pain-free on anything at all without the special cushion.

The only thing I previously mentioned here that I no longer take is the Collagen Peptides. I have found that they cause me stomach issues and have discontinued them. I'm not sure that they were what improved my back pain either now that I have had more experience with getting rid of my lower back pain. I've had luck with stretches and massage for that, among other things.

I hope this is helpful to all of you out there reading it. I wish you well. Please keep a positive attitude and a calm, upbeat spirit. It helps with chronic pain. May you be well again soon.

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