Intense pain around the coccyx

Yvonne, UK

Posted 2016-09-04

I had intense pain around my coccyx after receiving pain injections, so prompt intervention from Michael Durtnall and the Sayer Pain Team (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, London) was a godsend. The traumatic effects happened because the surgical antiseptic used was strong enough to open a wound! So I was in great discomfort, with very tense muscles. Michael acted promptly, combining massage of the coccyx with intensive physio treatment from Karolina.

I was due to go to Greece, and set off not sure what would happen. The results were great 3 weeks regular daily swimming, plus the fact that the pain medication gradually dispersed did the trick, and I no longer have that horrible coccyx pain. So I am so grateful to Michael and Karolina for literally putting me back on my feet again.

Update, 2017-10-01

The last time I posted, I was due to go to Greece very soon after my treatments from Michael and Karolina. Day by day I felt better - no doubt helped by 3 weeks of regular daily swimming. As I said, it put me back on my feet again!

This year I spent almost a month at the same beach - and am happy to report that all is fine - and that I've been enjoying plenty of swimming and walking.

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