Coccyx pain for over a year, injections didn't help. Also get pain on intercourse, abdominal pain.


A year before my coccyx pain began, I had a cyst on the outside of my coccyx area. This went away with antibiotics.

A year later and I started experiencing a slight, dull pain in my coccyx on sitting, similar to what I had with the cyst, so I went to my GP to get antibiotics before it got any worse. He said there was no cyst and that I had coccydynia and he could give me a steroid injection to solve it. He did this and it was the most excruciating injection I'd ever had. I could hardly walk afterwards and for 2 weeks I was in the most pain ever and had fever and really thought I might die (sounds exactly what Jennifer went through when she was shaking and couldn't move, and I was on drugs to stop me throwing up my pain killers as she was). After that it settled slightly but the pain in my coccyx was worse than when I had gone to my GP and has been like that ever since. I have most pain on sitting and bending, but also if I walk a long distance or if I lie on my back or if I stand for a long time. The only activity I can do without any pain in my coccyx during and after is swimming. Absolutely everything else in my day to day life causes me pain.

I'd had the coccyx pain for about a year when I started to get a burning pain during intercourse. At first I didn't think it was related and I had all the STD and GUM clinic tests which were clear and ruled anything like that out. The only thing I am waiting for is to see a gynecologist (in a few weeks time) to rule out endometriosis, but from my symptoms I don't think I have that (after speaking to other sufferers). I have noticed that if my coccyx pain is particularly bad then the burning pain during sex is much worse. Sometimes I get hardly any pain on sex and this is when my back is not bad too so I think they are related though no doctor can see this. I have also been getting lower abdominal pain for nearly a year which is not extremely painful but is always there and occasionally gives me a stabbing pain. An ultrasound scan ruled out cervical problems.

I have had two injections and manipulation under anaesthetic and these produced no effect whatsoever. The consultant that carried them out has put me on a waiting list for a partial coccygectomy operation, but I was not convinced so I've seen a private consultant for a second opinion. He sent me for an MRI scan which ruled out any infection, abscess or cyst in the area and just showed that my last two coccyx joints are abnormally bent forward. On examination he noticed I have a small hole on the outside of my body near my coccyx, which is a pilonoidal sinus, but the scan didn't show any swelling inside so they may not be related. He does not think the partial coccygectomy operation will help and has recommended specialist physiotherapy to address the pelvic floor muscles. If that doesn't work then he says the only option is 'pain clinic' where they would cut the nerves in my pelvis to reduce the pain.

Does anyone else experience these problems or do you know anything about specialist physio/pain clinic as I can't find much info on the net. If anyone else has pain on intercourse linked with coccyx pain I'd like to hear from you.


Updated 2001-11-18

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