Can't sit, husband getting mad


I have had pain in my coccyx for going on 4 years now. One morning while sitting on the side of the bed, I leaned back to put my shoes on and noticed a really sharp pain in my tail bone. I had not injured myself that I could remember. (I was only 50 then so surely I wasn't developing a memory loss.)

As time went on the problem persisted I went to see my chiropractor. He tried external and yes, internal therapy. I found the internal therapy very stressful. I wasn't able to sleep afterwards. My legs jumped like frog legs all night. I did not receive any help from this treatment.

I went to my regular doctor he ordered a series of x-rays ( CAT, MRI, pelvic and abdominal) No problem found. I was then referred to a pain clinic for injections. No help there either. Next I was given drugs. These were no benefit at all. I also had physical therapy, these people were nice but finally admitted they had never helped anyone with this problem.

I travel a lot and also sit behind a desk a lot. I have had to stop going to meetings of any kind because the pain is so bad that I can not stand to sit for more than a very few minutes. I need help to get up after a prolonged period of time and find that too embarrassing to put myself through.

My husband thinks that there should be a cure for this and that doctors should be able to fix anything that is wrong with the human body. Ha. We own an auto repair business and he says that people would not stand for him to give the results that I have had to pay for.

I am now waiting to be referred to KU Med Center in Kansas City. Has anyone had any experience with anyone there? I am a bit nervous after reading some of the results of the surgery and lack of results with anything.

A little more insight into my particular case: I also have lymphedema in my right leg. It is primary lymphedema and has caused me some trouble in the past with swelling and infection of the foot and leg. This, I am happy to say, I have learned to control the swelling and infection with exercise, diet and very careful cleaning of the problem area. I bring this up because for years the doctor told me to keep my feet elevated as much as possible. I got in the habit of sitting with my feet propped up on my desk. Of course, this must have put a lot of stress on my coccyx. No other injury that I can think of.

Now, this also brings me to another problem. I can walk with no problem, in fact that seems to help with my leg problem. However, I can't just stand or stroll, so trying to stand at work makes the swelling in my leg worse and leads to a greater risk with infection. Sometimes I feel that I am one complication after another. For years I had such good health and since I turned 50 I seem to be falling apart little by little.


Updated 2001-04-15

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