Tried everything but still in pain

Nancy Cramer

A surgeon removed my entire coccyx 12-1991 after 2 years of pain. The pain has never left me. I have tried acupuncture, physical therapy, water therapy, chiropractors, pills, shots, heat, cold, rubs and patches. The pain goes on. The nerves are exposed when the coccyx is removed and the doctors don't tell you this. I was told "have the surgery or your coccyx will puncture your bowel"' so I did what the good doctor said.

I lost my job, friends, the ability to do most of the things I like and care about. I went to the law and my doctor had sent me running from doctor to doctor until the time lapsed to sue.

Now I struggle to do the smallest housework and cooking, my children live in another state and riding in the car hurts, as do the steps to their houses. It's hard to sit, stand, walk, ride, bend, or lift much at all. Even as I sit and type, the pain is with me.

I need some advice and someone maybe to talk to who knows where I come from. I have many doctors horror stories, also ways that I hold onto my faith to "smell the roses when all else fails".

Anyone with this dreaded disability please contact me and we can help each other there the long painful days. I await word .

My many thanks

Nancy Cramer,

605 4th St Belvidere NJj 07823

Updated 2001-08-05

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