What a relief to know that I'm not losing my mind

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I'm 39 years old and in very good shape physically . I live in the Dallas, Texas area. I've suffered from tail bone pain since the summer of 2000. Coincidentally, I first noticed it while I was at home for a few days recuperating from gallbladder removal surgery. Since then, the pain is often excruciating... and then sometimes I feel no pain at all. It seems that just when I think to myself that it's finally better, it comes back again even worse than before.

Like some others I've been told, my pain is most severe when I stand up from a sitting position. And the slightest touch of the area can send me through the roof (sometimes anyway).

My doctor last year suggested that over time my pain would subside. He talked about general inflammation that should resolve itself within a year. Well, guess what? It's still here... and worse than ever. My wife told me the same thing based on an experience she had with it years ago.

I've got my annual physical next week, during which I plan on bringing this up AGAIN.

Anyway, I have a question for the other men who suffer from this pain. Do any of you also experience generalized pelvic pain or symptoms associated with chronic prostatitis, or have you been diagnosed with chronic prostatitis? I was told that I have chronic prostatitis and "pelvic floor dysfunction" about a year before my tail bone began hurting. I'm wondering if there is a possibility that this could all be connected to the same condition.

I'm basing this theory on the fact that it appears more women suffer from coccyx pain than men... and coincidentally, the vast majority of people that suffer from "pelvic floor dysfunction" are women.

Any thoughts would be appreciated. Feel free to contact me at cws762@hotmail.com

Updated 2001-10-28

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