Everyday is worse than the one before...

Jim Bugg - cure@jbmproductions.com

My wife has had a severe case of coccydynia for almost 2 years now. She's unable to sit or lay down for any more than 10 minutes at a time. She's unable to lay down and has been sleeping on the living room couch since the August of 2000 as it's the only place she can get comfortable enough to doze off to sleep. She needs to take painkillers every night just to help take the edge off of the pain so can doze off to sleep and even then is awake through most of the night trying to fight off the pain.

Since the birth of our son in November of 1999, her pain has increased more and more to the point now that it's almsot unbearable. She can't do even the most simple of daily tasks without basically being rendered a cripple for the rest of the day. We consider it a good day when she can go for a walk around the block with our 20 month old son.

When my wife was younger (10 years old), she fell on her tailbone rollerskating (tells you how old we are). She broke her tailbone, but it wasn't diagnosed as such. She complained of severe pains in her legs and lower back, but was told they were only growing pains and that they would go away. 20 years later at 30 years old, those pains have not only not gone away, they've stolen away her most precious time with our son and have almost confined her to the living room couch. With her immobility, she's unable to even get down on the floor because she can't get back up. We can't do regular things that we would normally take for granted because everything revolves around her condition. It affects us mentally, physically all those around us.

As with many people here, we have horror stories of visits with our "doctors" and "specialists". We've even had one orthopaedic surgeon tell us "it's not cancer, so ignore the pain and get on with life. Go do some exercises and you should feel better". When I told him that my wife was only 29 (at the time) and had been sleeping on the couch for a year and then asked if she had to sleep there for the rest of her life, he again stated that it wasn't cancer and yes, she would have to sleep there for the rest of her life. Simply astounding.

My wife also has another condition called MCTD (Mixed Connective Tissue Disorder), a derivative from the Lupus family that manifests itself in very painful, arthritic ways. Her joints will get very sore and swollen and her skin will feel like it's on fire. If you'd like to read more about our situtation, I made a website called www.CureMyWife.com. Everyone here is more than welcome to visit and post their story or advice in our Forum. We all need support, so the more the merrier.

We've only now been able to get an appointment in September with a doctor who will see her about her coccygodynia. The hardest part is getting people to believe you as it doesn't show up on any regular testing methods. This docotor has done coccygectomy's before, so we're hopeful that he can steer us in the right direction.

Thank you and God Bless,

Jim Bugg


Langley, BC Canada

Updated 2001-08-25

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