How did this happen?

Cath -

My story is as follows: I was in a squatting position; then with clients legs in my arms I pushed up with my thigh/buttocks. I was attempting to put the clients legs up on the bed. I felt a pain in my right thigh/buttock area. It was bearable and I continued.

When the client was in their wheelchair I then went into a kneeling position. I reached over to my right to take hold of the clients shoe when I heard a crack and felt an explosion of pain radiate throughout my lower body area.

It turns out that I have a fracture through my coccyx bone. Quite painful and no position seems to give much relief.

This happened 4 days ago so it is all new to me. .

Most unusual I believe as I have been told that a fall is usually responsible for this kind of injury. I had no previous injuries to this part of my body.

Can anyone give me any insight into how this might have happened?

Any similar experiences out there?

Any info gratefully received.

Cheers Cath

Updated 2001-06-09

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