Started with DNC

Had Surgery for a DNC, and the week after hurt so bad. Its been 16 months and I've been to 4 doctors, no help. I need sometimes help getting up. My lower back goes through spasms and I get tears in my eyes. I need some help.


Taken off  the web:


Dilatation is the dilating or opening of the cervix. This is done by inserting a series of metal rods of increasing diameter into the cervix until the opening is large enough to pass the curette (scraping tool) into the uterus. Another form of dilatation is to insert a laminaria plug (a seaweed rod) into the cervix. After six to 12 hours, the cervix will dilate sufficiently. The curette, which looks like a tiny spoon, is inserted into the uterus and it gently scrapes away at the uterine lining. The procedure takes about 20 minutes.

Updated 2001-07-28

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