Long, sharply angled coccyx

Rachel Webb - webb@smartchat.net.au

I have suffered since being a child with coccyx pain. I have a long coccyx which is sharply angled. My orthopedic surgeon has suggested for me to have it removed 3 months after the birth of my first child.

My surgeon has given me his recommendation that I have a caesarean section rather than a natural child birth due to my tailbone issue, as he is concerned it may cause problems passing and associated pain.

My obstetrician's opinion is that I have a natural child birth, as the coccyx will move when the baby passes through and at worst my tailbone will crack.

I wondering if there is anybody who has knows more information about childbirth and coccyx issues, as I am trying to decide what to do? I do not want to suffer any more pain, or complication with birth due to this issue and need more information as I don't think the obstetrician has ever experienced anyone with a angled coccyx before, just normal damage through childbirth.

I would appreciate any advice, or to hear others opinions on the matter.

Yours faithfully

Rachel Webb

Sydney - Australia

Updated 2001-12-09

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