Tailbone removal

Beth, LilRedCvc@aol.com

My name is Beth and I'm 41 years old.

My orthopedic surgeon is John Leach in Columbus, Ohio.

Almost 3 years ago I slipped & fell down about 6 stairs on my butt. I had to have a cortisone shot to make the pain stop so I could stand again. In February, 2000 I had a gastric bypass and lost about 50 pounds. In April, I fell at work and again landed on my butt. I needed another shot. In July my family & I went on vacation. While sitting in the hot-tub, I noticed my tailbone was on the hard surface and it hurt. As I lost more weight the pain got worse and my tailbone seemed to be getting longer. By July 2001 I had lost almost 100 pounds and was getting cortisone shots every 6 months along with taking 25 mg. Vioxx every day (sometimes 2 a day). I asked my orthopedic doctor if he would possible take out my tailbone. He ordered an MRI and after seeing the results said he couldn't promise anything, but he would do it if I really wanted it done. This will be only the second one he's done.

Friday, September 7, 2001 Surgery. I was supposed to be in the hospital for 23 hours of observation after recovery. Things went so well during surgery (he said the tailbone just about fell out) he let me go home after an hour in recovery. My 18 stitches are off to the left side rather than down the middle. The doctor said that way the incision doesn't have to be as deep. I only used 1 Lortab for a post-op headache. The pain in my lower back was much less than before surgery.

Had a post-op checkup on Monday September 10. Everything looked real good. No signs of infection. I can now sit up straight, just have to lean forward to relieve pressure off my back until it all heals.

Monday September 17. Remove stitches. I tried driving but I can't go very far yet. Usually I'm a passenger sitting on my foot or reclining on my side.

Things are improving every day. I am so glad I had it done. I didn't want to spend my whole life carrying around a coccyx pillow.

Updated 2001-09-22

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