Pain for 5 years, now going to have tailbone removed

Kristy Chapman -

About 5 years ago I suddenly had pain when sitting and getting up from a sitting position. After a year of debating about it and dealing with it I finally went to see a doctor. He did some x-rays and was shocked to find my coccyx went straight in like it had been broken. I have no memory of falling or anything.

My options of curing this were slim and one of them included childbirth, they thought this might push the coccyx back out during delivery.

I went through about a year of PT and steroid injections only to find nothing worked. Just this past October 2002 I gave birth. Of course I thought that maybe there would be a chance in this fixing it. Well have once again been in severe pain.

After x-rays this past week (January 7th, 2002) they found it is still inward. I am now having my tailbone removed on January 29th. I am hoping this will take care of it.

Kristy Chapman

age 26

Updated 2003-01-12

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