Boil on the coccyx

Andy Strange -

Original posting, 2002-12-01:

I have had this condition recently. It started as a back pain. I had not fallen and injured myself. The pain got progressively worse over a period of 7 days. I was going on holiday to Spain so the day before my flight I went to my doctors. By this time a small boil had appeared on my coccyx. They diagnosed inflammation of the coccyx and suggested I take paracetamol and told me not to worry as the condition would cure itself after a few weeks. By this time the pain was so acute that I could only sit down with difficulty.

The flight the next day was a nightmare! The boil had increased in size by the time I got to Spain. I could only lie down in the back of the car and hope we could go to a hospital when we arrived at our resort. On the journey the boil burst. The pain then started to lessen the next day, but it took a further 5 days to become bearable. This was 3 months ago and now every 2 weeks or so I get mild recurring back pain. I have had to forgo cycling as much, though I did manage to buy a thick 'gel' cycle seat cover which lessens any impact on the coccyx. (£6.99 from Tesco). Stress seems to exacerbate the pain.

Perhaps the coccyx will evolve in to a useful appendage rather than being a pain in the backside.

Congratulation on your site. It's very informative, I found my GP experience to be a 'mug off', they knew little and did little to reassure me.

Regards, Andy Strange

Update, 2003-09-28:

I posted my story on the site originally back in December 2002. Briefly, I was initially diagnosed in September of that year as having coccydynia. Since then I have seen a doctor a further 4 times with a similar complaint. I saw a different doctor each time. It is only the last doctor, who despite a very poor command of spoken English, managed a correct diagnosis and was prepared to do something about it. It is of course a recurring pilonoidal cyst that I have had all along. I have an appointment to see a consultant surgeon for operative treatment, if necessary.

I would like to be (like 007) 'unusually well informed' before I keep this appointment with the sawbones. What are the risks? How long does it take to recover? Is the procedure carried out under general or local anesthetic? What is the success rate? Are there treatments other than surgery?

Regards ,Andy Strange

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