Removal of pilonidal cyst caused scar tissue and pain

Melissa -

I had a pilonidal cyst removed in Jan 17 2003, and have been suffering from pain since. I kept visiting my general surgeon to only hear him say that the incision looked good and he saw no reason for this pain. I have been sent to a pain clinic and was injected with numbing medicine which only made me worse. I have had blood work to check for reoccurrence and that was fine and then was finally sent to a neurologist who did a MRI and found A LOT of scar tissue that goes all the way to the tailbone. She said going in and cleaning all that out will only create more. So now I am being sent to a pain clinic once again.

I have read that some people can stand and walk normal but I can't, if I stand along time or walk a long ways I swell and the pain gets worse, and of course sitting is definitely a chore.

I wish my doctor had warned me of this, because if he had I would have never had it done. My cyst only flared up once every two or three months, and as soon as I noticed tenderness I would call and get on antibiotics right away. Now I suffer daily and I see no relief in sight.

Any suggestions as to what I should do next?

Updated 2003-06-29

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