Pregnant and receiving injections - update: not related to childbirth after all!

Kirsten -

Original posting, 2003-03-30:

I have suffered greatly since giving birth to my second child 15 months ago. My OB casually said I probably broke my tail bone and never brought it up again. My general practitioner was also very casual and wished me luck. Nobody here had any experience with this problem and it was so isolating.

Since I am 5 months pregnant now I am not comfortable having the surgery. I have been receiving cortisone shots and I have been seeing an osteopath for manipulations and massage. The first two shots wore off quickly and the pain never went entirely away. The third shot hurt so much for seven days, but one morning I woke up and realized that I had no pain for the first time in 15 months! It has only been three days now of relief and I have to be careful not to lean back or sit on hard surfaces, but I am really hopeful this will work.

I wonder if anyone has gone through labor and delivery with a fractured coccyx and what happened afterward. I am really nervous about going through the agony all over again.

Update, 2003-08-17:

I suffered greatly during my pregnancy and had to receive cortisone shots every few weeks to get through it. I elected for the c-section on August 7, and it went really well! I am happy to report that getting the baby out immediately helped! I think I can begin recovering with minimal help from the doctors and hopefully avoid surgery forever.

I found a great coccyx chair pad for $14.99 at Linens-N-Things - it is great in the car.

I am happy to share my c-section experience with anyone contemplating having one - it really was a positive experience.

Update, 2004-03-07:

My cortisone doctor retired, forcing me to get off of the injections and find alternative pain relief. I am relieved, in a way, because the shots themselves were brutal!

I have this great new pain specialist who swears the pain is from a tear in a ligament in the pelvic floor. The theory is that one side tore, caused the whole system to pivot, and the injured area is frozen up instead of being flexible. This makes sense since the x-rays and MRI showed no bone damage or dislocation.

So he is working my sacral/lumbar area - manipulations, massage, etc. And I do stretches each day. He tried internal 'work' and when he pushed on my tailbone, it did not hurt - I was shocked! The pain really is from the ligaments just off to the right. When he worked on that area I hit the ceiling!

I felt great the evening after that special treatment, but this morning I have that 'sitting on a rock' sort of pain. I have not given up on him, though, he has seen this a number of times and thinks it just takes time.

This is the most frustrating thing, isn't it?!

Update, 2005-03-27:

After three years of trying every treatment short of acupuncture, an MRI revealed the true problem!!! The words the doctor used were: perineural cyst, arachnoid diverticulum, lobular cystic, u shaped, wrapped around the coccyx...OUCH!

After three years I finally feel a bump, and can no longer function like this. Surgery will be soon just as soon as they decide what type of surgeon will attempt to get all this cleaned up. I no longer have fear, because I am in so much pain that anything seems better!

Has anyone had this type of growth diagnosed and operated on???

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