Happy ending from nerve stimulator

Wes Harper - wharper@santeccorporation.com

I want to pass along a happy ending to my story of tailbone pain.

My tailbone pain just started for no apparent reason three years ago. I went to a series of seven doctors who did multiple x-rays, MRI's and many other tests. Nothing appeared to wrong with the tailbone. I tried exercises, pain medications, acupuncture, and every thing else anyone suggested. Nothing worked.

I finally ended up at pain management center in Colorado Springs and Dr. John Nelson. After trying a couple of more things, I had a ANS nerve stimulator implanted. Finally something that worked. I've had it in four weeks now and am able to sit on chairs for hours that I could only stay on for a few minutes before.

Hope this helps someone else out there.

Wes Harper

Updated 2003-06-15

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