Coccyx pain relief with TENS unit

Joan -

Posted 2010-03-14

I had my tailbone removed in 1972, and still have pain. My story is here.

I went to a new doctor recently and she referred me to a Physiatrist, which is a type of Physical Therapist. This therapist used some type of machine on me to inject anti-inflammatory drugs through the positive and negative ions. Believe me, this feels super on sore areas. What she did best though was to use a pulse unit on this area. OMG!! Almost 40 years of daily pain and this one machine took the pain absolutely away for overnight. I asked her the next visit to please use this method again, which she did but she also told me of a portable unit that did the same thing and if this worked that well for me, maybe I should have one. I agreed too fast!! She said she would get the prescription from my own doctor and the very next visit, she had one for me. She showed me how to use it and where to put the leads to send a different signal to the brain in stead of the pain signal. IT WORKS!!!!! I have the unit turned on for about 90 minutes then when times up, I hear the signal to turn it off and I can wait for an hour or so before turning it back on. But if the pain is still there, I can turn it on immediately for another 90 minutes. I've lived with this pain all my life and now I can honestly say I'm not in such horrible pain now with this unit. Please tell everyone about it. TENS unit is the name.

If anyone is in such pain, please ask your doctor for a referral to a Physiatrist and get the unit. My God, It's been 3 weeks since I got it and I'm so relieved I can walk for hundreds of yards now with absolutely no pain. Please consider this. It's amazing and so worth at least a try to get one.

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